About Mrs. Andree

Mrs Andree is a graduate of Western Michigan University, and holds both a Bachelors in Science Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

Mrs. Andree has been part of NSELA, NSTA, and ASTA.  Additionally she was a participant in the Helios funded Next Generation STEM Leaders Grant in Pinal County, AZ.

She has taught middle school science for nearly two decades in both Michigan and Arizona. She is well versed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as Arizona State Standards. 

Her current Teaching assignment at Casa Grande Middle School is as a STEM Science Elective that engages in a STEM, Project Based, and Digitally Literate format that prides itself on both experimentation, exploration, engineering & design, collaboration and science writing. Check out the Elective Course offerings link. I am hoping to truly engage all of my students creatively in cultivating their scientific and solution abilities through out these classes and their challenges.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Andree is a teacher leader, and hopes to work in a Leadership capacity if she ever finds her way out of her science classroom.  She enjoys working with students developing leadership and interpersonal skills, through Student Council and Science Olympiad.